exploit development

Exploit development information and tools.

ROP Attack

My solution to Phase 4 of the CMU attack lab. Stack randomization and Stack protection have been enabled. This problem involves a ROP attack. The goal is to mov the following cookie 0x59b997fa to %rdi then to call phase2(long). Our gadgets will have to pop a value from the stack that contains our payload (the

Buffer Overflow

My solution to Phase 3 of the CMU attack lab which involves a code injection attack, passing a string as argument to touch3(char *) the accepted string is the following cookie 0x59b997fa. The CMU Attack lab: https://csapp.cs.cmu.edu/3e/attacklab.pdf I start by recording some data. The line 0x00000000004017a8 <+0>: sub $0x28,%rsp tells us that the buffer being

Nand – OS

Everything built from first principals using nand gates as an axiom. Stage 1) Boolean Logic & Arithmetic Stage 2) Sequential Logic Stage 3) Machine Language and Computer Architecture Stage 4) Assembler Stage 5) Stack Arithmetic, Program Control high level language design Stage 6) Compiler syntax analysis and code generation. Stage 7) Operating system.

Source Code

Known languages. 32-64 Bit x86 ASM at&t and Intel. m68k ASM. C C++ Java Haskell Prolog JavaScript HTML / CSS / LaTex HDL (Hardware Design Language) Examples of code I’ve written.

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